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Welcome to Play Dot to Dots Online - the home of great dot-to-dot puzzles online. We currently have a wonderful selection of 30 dot to dot puzzles that you can enjoy solving online. There are over 10,000 dots to be found and clicked among the set of 30 puzzles - with a dot count ranging from 400 to nearly 800 across the different puzzles.

The dot to dot puzzles on this site are very different from children's dot to dot, where the dots are easy to find and typically there are no more than around 100 dots per image. As such these dot to dot are for experienced dot to dot solvers and adults. However, at the same time puzzles are meant to be enjoyable, relaxing, and fun to solve.

If you'd like the escapism offered by some calming dot-to-dot puzzles, then you've come to the right place. The rules of our dot to dot online are simple: for each puzzle we draw the line between dots 1 and 2 to get you started and help you find where the puzzle starts, so you must click from dot three onwards. When you hit the end of a line, we'll start you off again at the beginning of the next line segment. This means you can enjoy concentrating on finding the dots and clicking each line segment, without spending ages trying to find the start of disparate lines.

When you finish the puzzle, we'll tell you. And - best of all - if you'd like a break at any point, simply click to save your game, and when you come back again you can start from where you left off, so you never need to solve the puzzles all in one go! And if you get really frustrated, you can click 'show solution' if you give up and just want to see what the solution image is.

Dinosaur Monkeys Zebra

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